Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Research Assignment Answers

Research assignment predicaments notwithstanding, excellent grades are not optional. Nevertheless, do not fret; this analysis will provide you with 3 profound research assignment answers, for exceptional grades, stay with me.
1st Research assignment answer
Research assignment writing skills
·         The format
An assignment must have a topic, an introduction, body and conclusion. First, the topic must be relevant, interesting and of impact to the target audience. Second, the introduction answers to 3 prevailing audience’s questions; what is this assignment about? What do I expect in this research assignment? Why must I read the assignment paper, of what importance is it to me? Third, the body answers to the thesis statement, or to the objective of the research
assignment. It must be based on facts and supported by evidence. As such, the writer is required to give examples to support his argument. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the main points. It does not introduce new ideas. Strong conclusions leave the reader with a lasting impression. Some of the approaches of a writing a strong conclusion is a call for action, food for thought, or a question.
·         Citation
Citation acknowledges ideas from other writers. It is one of the most effective approaches of combating plagiarism. There are several styles of citation. They include; MLA, Chicago, Oxford, and APA styles of citation.
2nd research assignment answer
Research skills
Some of the prevailing research skills include, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis and dissemination. Critical analysis requires the writer to examine the truth about a subject. Problem   solving involves the researcher to identify and analyze the problems and possible solutions to them. Third, the analysis involves gathering relevant data and information for the possible solutions. Finally, keep the findings disseminated to relevant audiences.
3rd research assignment answer
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