Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Assignment Problem Example

General assignment problem
One of the subjects fraught with problems is assignment writing. Consequently, this analysis will discuss the 4 prevailing assignment problems and provide profound answers.
1st Assignment problem example
Assignment writing skills
Assignment writing skills is one of the general assignment problems that students encounter.
The following are profound assignment writing skills. First, consider the requirements of your instructor. This is dependent on the genre of the assignment. Different assignments have different requirements. For example, while an argumentative essay requires you to make an argument and support it, a narrative essay requires you to narrate a story. Second, research your target audience based on their background, gender, age, and intellectual level, among
others. This comes with various advantages. It helps you choose a relevant and interesting topic to the audience, the right theme, and language. Third, provide adequate evidence to support your ideas. Teacher’s notes, books, internet and sample papers are resources of supportive ideas.  Fourth, have a comprehension of the acceptable writing styles. For example, a personal essay requires you to use first narration. Finally, learn the rules of the assignment paper and abide to them.
2nd Assignment problem example
Limited time
Limited time is attributed to plagiarism, and late assignments. It is another general assignment problem that students encounter. Time management, avoiding procrastination, and eliminating your time wasters are the most effective approaches of combating limited time.
3rd Assignment problem example
Plagiarism remains to be one of the general assignment problems. Citation is the most effective approach of plagiarism. It acknowledges ideas from other sources together with the sources. Nevertheless, you must equip yourself with citation skills to make it successful. Again, maintain on using your own original ideas, as opposed to borrowed ones. 
4th Assignment problem example
Assignment writing services
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