Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Assignment Questions and Answers

1st assignment question and answer
What is an assignment?
An assignment is a task that is assigned to a student as part of a course of study. Assignments come in different genres. Some of the genres of assignments includes; research assignments, essays, reviews, proposals, thesis and dissertations, among others.
2nd assignment question and answer
How do I choose the right assignment topic?
 To begin with, identify the genre of assignment; whether it is an essay, report, or research assignment. Second, understand the purpose of the assignment. Third, brainstorm topics that will satisfy the purpose of the assignment. Research your audience briefly, based on their intellectual level, age, and background, among others. Evaluate each topic based on the target
audience’s attitude and knowledge of the topic. Select a topic that is interesting to the audience. An interesting topic is a natural attention grabber. Besides, select a relevant topic and one that will impact your target audience. Finally, select a topic that is easy to develop. It should interest you, you should be conversant with it, and it should provide you with adequate research material.
3rd assignment question and answer
What is the right assignment format?
A perfect assignment format encompasses an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction plays three roles. To start with, it acts as an attention grabber. As such, you must write an interesting introduction. Some of the approaches of writing an interesting introduction are the use of an anecdote, rhetoric question, and quotation, among others. Second, it informs the reader of the assignment's importance. This requires the writer to present a brief topic background. Third, it informs the reader on the assignment format and what to expect in the assignment. It acts as a road guide. On the other hand, the body accomplishes the assignment’s objectives. It presents the findings of research each paragraph should present one idea exclusively. Again, the information must be based on facts. Finally, the conclusion is the summary of the main points. It does not present new ideas. It must have a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.
4th assignment question and answers
Where can I get research assignment answers?
Your lecturer is the first person that you should turn to for research assignment answers. Your excelling colleagues in research also make significant resources of research assignment answers. Again, custom writing services are a massive supplier of research assignment answers. Nevertheless, you must evaluate the credibility of the custom writing service prior to implementing their services. 

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